Hello all!

Almost 9 months to the day after my last sporting event, I was back in the arena (or, “Center” these days) to photograph the University of Michigan Women’s Basketball team. My proximity to the court has changed but the joy is still there! This is the third season that I’ve covered them. I primarily photograph sports for the website www.mgoblog.com but this past Sunday, I also leant my images to the University’s site (www.mgoblue.com) as they did not have one of their regular photographers on site.

Back to the subjects of my images!

The team started the season ranked #25 and, after Sunday’s 82-59 victory over Wright State University, moved up to #19 in the nation. Regardless of their ranking, what I enjoy about this team is their effort and their unity. Naz Hillmon, their star player, also seems to be their emotional leader. Here are two shots that exemplify what I just said:

And one!

Let everybody know!

These are both celebratory shots, with Naz shouting for all to hear. Very similar, yes? However, the first one is after her basket and the second celebration came after her teammate, Amy Dilk scored a basket and was fouled.

While I’m singling out Naz, I have seen several instances that this team is out to support each other.

And as for the emotion in this shot, that’s how I felt inside, getting to photograph sports once more.

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