Hello all,

I’m sure everyone who finds these words will agree that 2020 has been a different kind of year, on many levels. And, while I’m here to share pictures, I do want to add that I hope this blog finds those reading it safe, well, and up to actions that will be making the world a better place for us all to live in.

In a small way, I feel that what I do with photography contributes to that. The services I provide and the photos I take are done with the intention of making something a little better. Maybe it helps a person market themselves better, tell a story so that those who weren’t there can relate to those who were, or they help people celebrate themselves or the people they love. Photography also provides a way to keep cherished memories fresh for people.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit Michigan, not only was my business on hold for an indefinite period, but also one of my greatest passions. I have a love for photography and a lot of the joy I get through photography comes from meeting and working with people.

I’m not going to delve into any hardships I experienced during those first two months as they’re relatively trivial. I’ll just say that I was very happy when I was finally allowed to do some of the photographic work I’ve been used to doing (first real estate, and then portrait work about a month later) over the past several years.

This past weekend, I masked up to photograph my first Senior Portrait client of the fall and I am very happy with how it turned out, as is he from early indications. The senior I photographed is named Cameron and he’s the younger brother of another past client of mine. He was really great to work with and quite photogenic!

Usually, I have a pre-shoot consultation with the client. This time there was a bit of a time crunch between when I was contacted and the start of high school, which was the family’s preference to have the session done by. I only corresponded with the father prior to the shoot. I did find out what the locations were, about 36 hours prior to our session. That allowed me time to check out the one location (all of which are in Saline) I hadn’t been to, doing a “scout” the night before. It was a soccer field, as Cameron has played competitive soccer for a number of years. Seeing the location and the surrounding area gave me some ideas. The following day, Cameron was open and willing to go with all of my suggestions. As somebody with a background in acting, I do enjoy having a little improv on a shoot! He and his father had a couple of ideas as well, so it was a collaborative effort. I find the best shoots always are.

Now, I’m still going through all of the photos but I felt the urge to share some of my early favorites with you!

It’s good to be back!