A few days ago, I was listening in my car to a funny segment on The Michigan Insider, a morning sports-radio show on WTKA. John U. Bacon was on as a guest and talking about some of his preparations for an upcoming near-marathon. This led to a conversation that some might consider TMI. I thought it was funny and thought of a tweet to play off of that, so I did just that and addressed the show (I was parked by this time, by the way!) . I have chatted with Ira Weintraub, the producer and co-host of the radio show, at a few of the sporting events I have covered and have taken photos of he and his family when I notice them during the events (they sit in the front row) getting into the game. Especially his young daughter Grace, who is a huge fan of the women’s basketball team and as cute as a button.

Anyway, I thought that my tweet might make its way on air, and it did. However, I was not expecting him to say anything about my photography. This was a very pleasant surprise and I’m happy he had this to say.

end of the show

I greatly appreciate such an acknowledgement and it warms my heart to know I’m making a positive impact in other people’s lives.

By the way- to get the full context of my tweet, listen to the clip before this one on their site.

I wish you all a happy Tuesday and for those in Michigan, don’t forget to vote!