Scotty’s Bridge is a multi-media project I am working on,
dedicated to the memory of my father, John Corbin Scott.

Me and Dad
My father passed away when I was 11.  For many of the following years, I felt bitter and I focused on all of the things I missed out on and all the times in my life that he wasn’t there.

One day, I was having a conversation about my dad and, all of a sudden, I saw that I’d been missing out on appreciating all the times in my life that he was there for me and I started to feel gratitude towards him.  I still wanted to know more about him and set out to get in touch with people in his life, to find out what their memories of him were and what he contributed to their lives.

This inquiry started many years ago and, since I started being a photographer (also a passion of my father’s), I have decided to add new elements to the project, through photography and video interviews.  My intention with this project goes beyond finding out more about my dad.  I am hopeful that it inspires others to find out more about the people they love, those still living and those that have passed on, and what they appreciate about them.

The name of my project came from one of the interviews I did many years ago.  I heard from somebody who had been a camp counselor with him in Vermont.  I found out that my father built a bridge that spanned a creek and the other counselors named it after him.  Scotty’s Bridge is a fitting metaphor.   It speaks to the connections between me and the people in his life; the connection between who he was and who I am; and the connection between his life and the world his contributions continue to impact.

I will be adding new content from time to time.