This past Thursday and Friday, I set up shoots in environments and conditions that were new to me.  I have to say that both were amongst the shoots I’ve had the most fun doing!

My first challenge was doing a shoot in the water.  While this October has been fairly warm compared to the past, it is still fall and the water-temperature reflected that.  However, the concept was one that my model wanted to do and since she was game, I was too.  That said, I did bring a 70-200 lens to see if I could somehow accomplish getting the shot while still being on dry (and warm) land.  When I realized it wouldn’t be the same, I literally tested the waters to see what I was getting in to.  It was a bit of a jolt at first but bearable.

Moments before getting my feet (and then some) wet.

My model, Seong-Hee, was very courageous.  She had a much bigger challenge than I had.  All I had to do was be in the water and take photos while not getting the camera wet.  She had to be in the water, deeper than I was, and appear comfortable (happy, even) to be in the chilly lake.  She really did a great job and we got some very nice images!  Here is one of my favorites: